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Diverse range of transport operators join new safety study

Eleven transport companies across a diverse range of freight sectors and fleet sizes have signed on to take part in the operational phase of a groundbreaking safety study.

Their trucks will be fitted with Gen 2 Guardian Seeing Machines and inform research from data collected over the next 24 months.

The joint Eyes on Fatigue project between the Queensland Trucking Association in partnership with the Motor Accident Insurance Commission aims to measure the effectiveness of driver monitoring technology in reducing the incidence of driver distraction, inattention, and fatigue episodes.

“It’s great to have the operational phase of the project underway and start gathering data from fleets driving on the freight networks around the country,” said Gary Mahon, QTA CEO.

“We are pleased to be involved in a project that is proactive about the major causal factors contributing to heavy vehicles accidents being fatigue, driver distraction/inattention.”

Neil Singleton, Insurance Commissioner at MAIC said his organisation was pleased to be able to fund this trial and evaluation of driver monitoring technology in the heavy vehicle industry.

“We are keen to support research which reduces the incidence and severity of motor vehicle crashes. We are particularly encouraged that the heavy vehicle industry, through the QTA is taking the lead on such a significant project. We are also pleased to be able to fund the project evaluation to be undertaken by Dr Darren Wishart from Griffith University who has expertise in Organisational Driving Safety Systems Analysis” he said.

Athol Carter, compliance manager, fleet operations, at one of the participants, Frasers Livestock Transport, said ­Seeing Machines provides him the opportunity to have ­conversations with drivers that encourage behavioural change.

“We hope this project will lead to having laws that allow drivers to individually manage fatigue using technology and move away from counting hours on paper,” he said.

Michael Mahon, Director, MJ Mahon Transport, said the results since installing Guardian Seeing Eye Machines are impressive.

“All vehicles purchased in the future will definitely have a machine installed,” said Mr Mahon.

Joe Joseph, Director of JD Refrigerated Transport said “Safety is the highest priority for the team, and we are always looking at ways to improve in this area and the timing was right for us to be involved in the Eyes on Fatigue pilot.

“So far, the team have been very happy with the results.”

The other operators taking part in the pilot study are: Beggs Bulk, Cannon Logistics, CHS Broadbent, DTC Easters, Emerald Carrying Co, JBS Carriers, Lindsay Transport, and Russell Transport.

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