Bruce Highway safety upgrades begin in North Queensland


New signs and line markings are being installed on the Bruce Highway in North Queensland as part of the Australian Government’s Bruce Highway – Additional Funding for Black Spots, Rest Areas and Safety Upgrades (BRASU) program.

The $721,000 works will target several town entries in North Queensland, and aim to benefit six regional towns and suburbs.

“The rollout of these Township Entry Treatments in North Queensland demonstrates our commitment to making the Bruce Highway safer for our regional communities,” said Transport and Main Roads Director-General, Neil Scales.

“Each safety treatment includes coloured road surfaces, widened painted median and shoulders, narrowed lane widths, signs and retro-reflective raised markers. 

These safety treatments aim to visually alert drivers that there is a town ahead, acting as a reminder to slow down and look for pedestrians and other activities on or beside the road. 

Mr Scales added that township entry treatments have already been successful in other areas of Queensland, helping to enhance driver awareness, reduce vehicle speed and further enhance safety for local communities.

North Queensland’s first Township Entry Treatment was installed as part of the Bruce Highway upgrades at Bluewater and is almost complete. These treatments will also be installed at Home Hill, Ayr, Brandon, Toobanna and Ingham, with works continuing through August.

“The safety treatments are very distinct and provide an effective visual reminder to motorists to slow down when travelling through our regional communities,” Mr Scales said.

“Our focus on creating safe road environments for Queensland’s regional communities is stronger than ever. Any loss of life on our roads is a tragedy and we will continue to work towards reducing the road toll. 

“Projects like this bring innovation into how we maintain a safe transport system, ensuring we are safely getting locals home and tourists to their destination.” 

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