Scania launches Approved Used Truck programme


Scania Australia is launching an Approved Used Truck programme, where used Scania trucks less than five years old that have covered less than 800,000km are inspected and those that meet the relevant criteria can then be sold with an additional warranty.

As part of the inspection, company-trained technicians undertake a stringent and probing 108-point check at a Scania workshop, along with a thorough test drive.

Trucks meeting the requirements can then be sold with a three-month Scania Driveline Protection Warranty as well as any of the remaining original factory warranty. For an additional fee, there is also an option to extend the Scania Driveline Protection Warranty to 12 months from the date of purchase, so long as maintenance is undertaken in line with Scania recommendations.

“The launch of the Scania Approved Used Truck Programme in Australia delivers our customers an increased level of confidence in their purchase and greater faith and peace-of-mind in the vehicle,” said Anna Marie Taylor, National Manager Used Truck Sales for Scania Australia.

“We believe the Scania Approved Used Truck Programme will increase our sales of used vehicles through our network. The inspection in the Scania workshop by Scania trained and experienced technicians will ensure that the vehicles that meet the Approved Programme criteria are in excellent condition and will deliver reliable uptime for our customers.”

Ms Taylor added that Scania has been seeing more very high quality, good condition pre-owned Scania trucks in recent times returned to the business when customers repurchase.

“We know these trucks’ histories through their digital tyre-print, which gives customer’s far more insight into what they are buying. So, unlike in typical used truck buying situations, when purchasing a Scania Approved vehicle, customers are not buying blind or taking a risk.

“We’re also funnelling low-mileage, excellent condition trucks from our rental fleet, that have been serviced by Scania, into our Used Truck business, and these will qualify for the Approved Programme as well.”

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