Big Rigs returns under new ownership


As many of you know, after 28 years of serving the industry Big Rigs faced an uncertain future after our last issue with News Corp came out on June 26. But Melbourne-based publisher Prime Creative Media quickly swooped in to save the day.

We’re back – still free, fortnightly and the trusted voice of the road transport industry.

“We are so humbled to be able to build upon the great work of this publication,” says John Murphy, CEO Prime Creative Media.

“It has served as a trusted source for the transport industry for almost three decades, and fits ideally with our purpose of growing individuals, organisations, and industries.

“We will be putting additional resources into the newspaper, web site and electronic newsletter, building upon its current multi-platform offering.

“The transport industry is such a critical component of Australia’s economy, and will be a guiding force in our nation’s recovery. We are so proud to serve this industry with such a valued publication.”

Prime Creative Media already has a proven track record in the transport and logistics sector with Diesel, Prime Mover, CRT News, Trailer, Global Trailer, MHD Supply Chain Solutions, and Rail Express already on an impressive publication roster.

It is also the force behind industry events such as the biennial MEGATRANS in Melbourne,  BULK2020 and a slew of award shows, including the recent Women in Industry Awards.

Long-time Big Rigs manager Peter Hockings admits he didn’t need much arm-twisting to take up the invitation from Murphy to join the new team.

“The feeling of excitement came back that I can again work for the paper I love, representing an amazing and essential industry, working alongside some awesome advertisers and a very loyal and passionate audience for a company that wants to invest in the future growth of Big Rigs as a product,” says Hockings.

“It is this talk of growth and what’s next for Big Rigs that has me excited for the future. From this fortnight onwards, the paper is back with Australia-wide circulation, still totally free at your local outlet.

“The new look website [] is up and running, Facebook is as engaged as always and our EDM is back twice weekly with an ever-growing subscriber base.”

Hockings also thanked the readers and advertisers for their outpouring of support.

“When we were told of the sad news that Big Rigs was closing down, it was a very surreal moment. How could a paper that was loved by so many, just be gone without warning or notice?

“The messages we all received in emails, phone calls and on our social page were so wonderful to see, but at the same time, even made this strange decision seem like it could not be real. As the months went passed and as we spoke to all our advertising clients and issued our thanks for their wonderful support over the years, every conversation was almost the same, where we go to advertise, what happens to you guys and your jobs and surely someone would have to bring it back?

“Well enter John Murphy and the wonderful organisation that is Prime Creative Media.”

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