Video highlights overdue need to tighten up driving standards: truckie

A WA truckie has released dramatic footage of a near-miss to illustrate why authorities need to take urgent action on tightening licensing standards.

The dashcam clip shows the driver of a heavy vehicle hellbent on making a dangerous passing manoeuvre along Great Eastern Highway, about 20-30km east of Merriden.

It was just lucky the oncoming bus driver was able to swerve on to the shoulder or the move would have ended in tragedy.

“It’s bad enough when LV’s pull this crap let alone someone who drives heavy vehicles,” says truckie Daniel who filmed the incident.

“It was reported to the police at the time, but they weren’t interested, stating all we would be able to do is maybe book the driver for overtaking over double white lines.

“Would have been a different story if the school bus full of kids had been cleaned up by this f…wit.”

Daniel says he was disappointed in some of the reaction to the footage when he first posted it on social media.

“It is clear our industry is really need of a clean-up. The attitudes of some of these so called professional drivers is appalling.”

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