Queensland Rail launches Size Matters campaign


Queensland Rail has launched a new campaign called Size Matters, which aims to highlight the importance of knowing the height of your vehicle and load.

During the 2019-2020 financial year, Queensland Rail was affected by a significant number of over-height vehicles and loads colliding with low clearance rail bridges. A total of 68 rail bridge collisions were reported in South East Queensland, with the worst hit locations:

  • Muriel Avenue, Rocklea (9 collisions)
  • Visentin Road, Morayfield (9 collisions)
  • Logan Road, Buranda (7 collisions)
  • Oxley Road, Corinda (7 collisions)
  • Dunlop Terrace, Corinda (5 collisions)

Queensland Rail is hoping the Size Matters campaign helps to raise awareness and prevent future collisions, which not only cause damage to the bridges and vehicles, but can also cause injuries and lengthy road delays too.

Currently in Queensland, fines of up to $10,676 can apply for damaging infrastructure and ignoring low clearance signage.

For more information about the campaign, please click here.

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