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Alemlube ALS keeps Holz Heavy Haulage greased and ready to go


Constantly improving its fleet maintenance and operations, Holz Heavy Haulage has been using automatic lubrication systems supplied by Alemlube for around eight years. The lubrication systems fitted to the fleet’s trucks and trailers grease all the critical bushes, pins and fifth wheels, ensuring everything is always properly greased.

Holz’s white trucks and trailers are well known around Sydney’s industrial hubs. Started by Wayne Holz and his wife Maree, Holz Heavy Haulage began as an owner driver operation in 1998. Steadily growing in the specialised area of heavy haulage, Holz now runs a busy operation with 10 trucks and a range of heavy haulage, water cart and tilt tray trailers.

Located in Menangle, South Western Sydney, the fleet predominantly services the east coast, from Northern Queensland into Victoria.

Recently work has begun on a large new state of the art workshop at Razorback, giving the business larger, enhanced servicing facilities, and much improved access to the Hume Motorway. 

Using Alemlube’s automatic lubrication systems saves Holz many hours of work, particularly on large haulage trailers which can have over 100 grease points needing regular attention. More particularly, it keeps the fleet on the road, productively doing what they do best and boosting the business’ bottom line.

By keeping bushes and pins constantly full of grease, wear due to contamination and water entry is minimised, extending the life of kingpins, shackle pins, suspension rams and pivots.

The latest fitment to a Holz Heavy Haulage Kenworth K200 is one of the new Alemlube Automatic Lubrication Systems (ALS).

In this application, the Alemlube ALS is also connected to the Jost greasy top fifth wheel ensuring that the truck to trailer interface is kept in good condition with clean grease – constantly. 

The new Alemlube ALS is a high-pressure progressive greasing system suitable for use with industry standard NGLI#2 greases.

The new ALS pump has a number of improved technical features:

• The reservoir has very high UV stability and will remain clear and distortion free in the harshest conditions allowing instant visual grease level inspection.

• The pump body is made of fibre reinforced engineered polymer, and is lighter and stronger than anything else on the market.

• The controller offers excellent reliability along with a design that resists water ingress and water damage.

• The standard pump and controller package also has low grease level monitoring built in, and has low cost options for high pressure or volume monitoring if requested.   

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