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Transmissito: A truckie’s true companion


The freight on demand app from TransMissito helps to ensure sustainability in the trucking industry – showing available loads and delivering payment on delivery.

While the current pandemic has disrupted multiple business sectors, Brisbane-based technology start-up TransMissito is positioning itself to take the wheel in the post-pandemic business environment. The company’s goal is to ensure drivers never have unused space when hauling a shipment by putting them directly in touch with private clients who need things moved.

The TransMissito app works as a transport-on-demand service, allowing the user (customer) to book their freight requirement online. This automatically pushes the notification to the transporters registered on the app, who can either accept or reject any job. If the customers know and recognise the transporter on the app, then they can book the carrier. Otherwise, they press the ‘Trust TransMissito’ button on the app, and the transporter is selected based on their ratings that they have accumulated over a period on time.

TransMissito founder and CFO Rick Govender says while there has been much disruption due to the pandemic, the app allows drivers to maximise their payloads.

“Undoubtedly the virus has had an effect in the logistics industry, and while the transport industry is an essential service, there has been a remarkable slowdown in product movement across Australia,” he says.

“There is no easy road to success in the transport business, but for those who drive every day, and for those who keep Australia moving, we salute you. It’s with you in mind we have developed this app, and hopefully we will enable you to maximise your earning potential.”

The unique booking system, which is simple yet effective, allows transporters to collect individual private freight packages while on their usual rounds, maximising returns and creating additional efficiency.

Govender says online sales growth due to the COVID-19 pandemic had seen a rapid rise in e-commerce sales. “This is challenging traditional supply chains. Consumer expectations for a perfect buying experience, exploding demand for delivery both local and interstate and the challenges faced in the last mile delivery are all disrupting the transport and logistics sector.”

TransMissito, with its ability to facilitate a ‘meeting’ of consumers and transporters on the same room or platform is ideally placed to connect drivers directly to consumers, benefitting both. “With the current volatile market and differing customer expectations that has dominated the e-commerce market, this app will support demand forecasting and encourage inventory management via more defined transport routings.” Govender says.

“We aim to provide a flawless solution, coupled with state-of-the-art technology and exceptional levels of local support, to empower both our transporters and customers and support local matters.”

He says the company has a vision of providing the best and most competitive rates and services for both the transporter and customer. Since TransMissito’s inception the goal and focus have been on supplying customers with the nation’s best service and cartage costs. With business uncertainty increasing and industries across Australia changing the way they engage with their customers, TransMissito will help you find innovative transporters to keep your business on the move.



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