Heart-stopping dashcam: Truckie averts tragedy with razor-sharp skills

truckie skills

We’ve seen some absolute shockers from motorists captured on truckies’ dashcams, but this recent clip sent to us by Leigh Butcher just about takes the cake.

Without any warning a careless cocky turns right into the path of the Swan Hill truckie who is minding his own business behind the wheel of a T909 Kenworth for Lumbars Transport, just north of Jamestown in SA.

No sun-strike, no blind-spots, absolutely no excuses whatsoever for this mindless move, from what we can tell.

We reckon it was only Leigh’s skilful driving that saved the farmer’s life.

And what does the lucky-to-be-alive farmer do after avoiding tragedy by centimetres? He speeds off, seemingly without a second thought for Leigh.

“He kept driving,” confirms Leigh, who was so shaken he had to pull over to regain his composure. “It was the bloke coming the other way and the one following me who pulled up.”

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