Unimog trucks create jobs in remote Queensland town

Unimog trucks - Spy on the road

Unimog trucks has played a major role in a tailored mechanical program at one of Australia’s most remote communities, writes our Spy on The Road.

Aurukun is located on the north-west coast of the Cape York Peninsula and is 178km by road south of the mining town of Weipa and 811km (11hrs) from Cairns.

Six locals have gained employment from the Unimog Trucks program which commenced in February 2020 and involved hands-on experience with participants learning the application of tools, machinery maintenance, repair and operation.

It was organised by the Kapani Group  and spokesman Dr Tim White says Cape York Employment had assisted with the provision of their backhoe, which saw a complete hydraulic refit and mechanical overhaul.

“These lessons have been highly valuable on the ground, as the trainees are now employed on the mining lease and better skilled to deal with the day-to-day challenges. This program has assisted six Aurukun locals into employment. Thank God for Unimogs,” says Dr White.

According to Dr White, the need for such a pre-employment mechanical program was identified last year.

Permits are required from Cook Shire Council if travel restrictions are placed on the Aurukun Access Road from the Aurukun Shire Council boundary to the Peninsular Development Road intersection.

During the wet season load limit or closure will not occur on the 70km section of the sealed Aurukun Access Road from Aurukun to the ASC boundary.

Restrictions on this section of road will only be introduced if it is severely damaged by a natural event such as a cyclone or widespread flooding.

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