New online campaign to help with safer transportation of shipping containers

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The container transport and logistics industry has stepped up to support heavy vehicle safety, releasing a coordinated campaign to raise awareness and good practice in safely packing shipping containers heading to and from Australian ports.

Six supporting online training and information modules have been produced by WiseTech Academy covering the impact of unsafe container loading practices, international conventions, heavy vehicle laws, Chain of Responsibility, packing to minimise risk and truck rollover prevention.

The campaign is being delivered by Container Transport Association of Australia (CTAA), Freight & Trade Alliance (FTA), and the Australian Peak Shippers Association (APSA), with support from ICHCA Australia.

Deputy Prime Minister and Minister for Transport, Infrastructure and Regional Development Michael McCormack welcomed the Safe Container Loading Practices & Heavy Vehicle Safety Campaign, which has been awarded $140,000 under the Australian Government’s Heavy Vehicle Safety Initiative.

“This is a great initiative by the container transport and logistics industry to support heavy vehicle safety,” the Deputy Prime Minister said.

“Container transport is forecast to double over the next 12 years and with 80 per cent carried by Australian heavy vehicles, it’s vital cargo inside containers is properly secured and not overloaded.”

NHVR CEO Sal Petroccitto said the online course and associated resources, including a Safe Container Packing Checklist, would contribute to reducing the risks of load shifts, road accidents and breaches of mass limits.

“The container transport and logistics industry is a vital part of many heavy vehicle supply chains and plays a key role in heavy vehicle safety,” said Petroccitto.

“This awareness campaign provides practical steps to ensure that cargo inside shipping containers is packed properly and restrained securely to avoid an accident when the container is transported on a public road.”

The Safe Container Packing Checklist can be used by importers, exporters and their packers, both in Australia and overseas. The Checklist was developed internationally and adapted for use in Australia.

CTAA Director Neil Chambers said the campaign drew on expertise from international organisations, including the Global Shippers Forum (GSF) based in the UK, and TT Club, the world’s leading transport logistics insurer.

“The online training course and associated resources are for all parties in the container transport logistics chain,” Chambers said.

“This is just the beginning. We will now work across the sector through a series of webinars to raise awareness about safe container loading practices.”

FTA Director and Secretary of APSA, Paul Zalai said the initiative provided a useful set of resources for freight forwarders, importers, exporters and their shipping container packers.

“By providing ready access to both international and Australian best practice guidance on container packing, cargo securing and heavy vehicle safety, we hope to improve safety outcomes and reduce commercial losses across the whole container logistics supply chain,” Zalai said.

To view the Safe Container Loading Practices & Heavy Vehicle Safety Campaign, including information on the upcoming webinars, click here.

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