Blocked truck parking area on Tassie’s Bass Highway


Truckies travelling along Tassie’s Bass Highway near Smithton weren’t too happy to see a small government gazetted truck parking area blocked off.

It is located about 8km before Smithton and a company had been doing works in the region.

“The designated truck parking bay was blocked off as unused machinery was left there. Witches hats were at each end of the parking bay which ended up a storage site and prevented trucks entering. The site was totally closed at entry and exit even when no works were taking place,” a well-known Tasmania driver told Big Rigs.

Another driver snapped some pictures of the area which were passed on to Big Rigs. “There are two other sites not marked which both have larger areas they could have used. One of the unmarked sites is about 150m from the marked site, the second unmarked site is 250m from it.

“Why is it they use the site marked by government and listed on the web for truck drivers to know where they can park legally. Also another site not gazetted as truck parking, but is school bus stop had metal dumped on it,” he says.

The area was later cleared and had some more gravel placed there.

This is by no means a rare occurrence and has occurred many times at such trucking parking areas in various parts of the country. I know this is not a Tasmania only thing and it happens Australia wide.

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