Truckies facing ludicrous requests around border closures


The current COVID-19 pandemic has brought strict border closures that are being enforced across the nation, and it seems this has led to some people asking ludicrous requests from truckies, even going as far as asking to be sneaked across the border.

Spy reports that a man and woman recently made a request to a truckie asking if he would “sneak them across the NSW border into Victoria”. This was of course denied, sensibly and swiftly.

The middle-aged driver with many years’ experience on the highways and byways was surprised but not entirely shocked to be asked to break the law after as Victoria battles through a major COVID-19 outbreak and strict lockdowns.

“Basically, they asked me to sneak them or smuggle them over the border into Victoria even though they knew it was highly illegal,” he says.

Even when truckies have all the permits required for such a solo trip whilst transporting goods or food, they face enforcement checks and waits at the border.

“I told them they were not only trying to break the law but also put themselves and others at risk during the pandemic,” he adds.

This driver not only has a liberal sprinkling of highway expertise but also great knowledge of life and what is right. Spy wonders how many other truckies have been asked to do this?

This comes after recent reports of a Sydney couple being fined over $9000 for a border breach into Queensland, where they were stopped by police.

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