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Vawdrey Australia: Pioneering high productivity trailer solutions


As the largest independent trailer builder in the country, Vawdrey Australia has been a pioneering force in extending the Performance-Based Standards (PBS) scheme into the general, container and refrigerated freight markets with a variety of specialised trailer designs from Super B-doubles to A-doubles and AB-triples.

It was the design of a PBS-approved Super B-double in 2012 – capable of carrying two 40 ft containers at once – that catapulted Vawdrey onto the PBS stage.

Fast forward eight years, and the brand has become a respected and trusted force within this segment, building on more than 46-years of trailer building expertise.

In a joint report on PBS between Australia’s National Heavy Vehicle Regulator (NHVR) and ARTSA, it reveals that one in five new heavy vehicles are PBS approved, with the uptake of the scheme growing exponentially in recent years. Following that same pattern, demand for Vawdrey’s high productivity trailers have also been on the rise.

This year, Vawdrey delivered a bulk order of B-double logging skels in record time for operator and exporter, Malec Bros. These new combinations, like all of the trailers that Vawdrey designs and manufactures, are built for their intended freight task.

In this instance, the skels feature four bays capable of carrying 3.9m lengths of logs. With a tare mass of under 22 tonnes, including the prime mover, these high performance skels are PBS approved for a Gross Combination Mass (GCM) of 68.5 tonnes and a payload capacity of 47 tonnes.

For Joel Rowan of Rowan’s Transport, it was Vawdrey’s ability to build a refrigerated trailer to specification, specifically with regards to optimal weight distribution made possible by PBS, that won him over. The perishable goods his business carts for various contracts are a substantial weight, so he needed to find a trailer solution that could handle at least a tonne per pallet space. With refrigerated vans that can be difficult to achieve, but with the help of the team at Vawdrey Australia, the Iceliner did just that.

Bulk liquid tank storage specialist, FBT Transwest, utilises lightweight 12.2m drop deck Tanktainer skels that operate as A-double combinations. Standout features on this trailer design includes three-way twist locks with 800mm high lift to suit the heavy 20’ central container for discharge purposes.

The chassis is of lighter-weight construction comprising high tensile Domex which enables lighter tare weight for increased payloads. Additional safety features include full width walkway with access ladder and hinge-up grab handles.

Another lightweight drop deck A-double combination was also manufactured and set up to carry high payload 20’ containers.

A lightweight 20/20 skeletal B-double designed and manufactured by Vawdrey is also joining the FBT Transwest fleet to carry tanktainers. This set was designed with a slope in the chassis rail to comply with operating criteria of 64 degrees to the centre of the tanktainer along with all of the other safety features fitted as standard.

G1 Logistics of the GTS Freight Group uses 42-metre AB-Triple combinations which, with Vawdrey’s support, access approved Level 3 PBS networks. These trailers are compatible with any of the fleet’s existing 36-pallet B-doubles when paired with a suitable prime mover, lead trailer and dolly.

They also feature lightweight construction, load restraint systems, LatchLiner curtains and EBS. By taking advantage of the latest in high tensile, lightweight materials, Vawdrey has achieved an AB-triple solution with close to 72 tonnes of usable payload capacity.

In the refrigerated segment, Vawdrey’s Iceliner freezer vans have undergone continuous development. Covering the full refrigerated transport segment, including chillier, super chillier and multi temp specifications, as well as customised solutions, the Iceliner emphasises efficiency, reliability and productivity.

“With quality insulation and solid trailer design, the Iceliner can hold cargo temperatures extremely low, which is ideal for fleet operators moving perishable commodities across great distances,” says Paul Vawdrey.

By overhauling the axle configuration of the Iceliner, Vawdrey was able to develop a PBS-approved option, providing operators with greater payloads and increased efficiencies.

“By implementing a quad-axle system, for instance, superior weight distribution enables vehicle operators to load trailers with higher allowable weight, which could maximise payload potential,” Paul Vawdrey adds.

“Vawdrey Australia has embraced technological innovation, gradually implementing PBS across our entire product portfolio to suit various applications.”

As well as being renowned for its quality range of trailer solutions and technical know-how, Vawdrey’s products are supported by Australia’s largest network of trailer service and repair centres.

“As a specialist in the design and construction of PBS trailing equipment, backed by a solid repair and service network, Vawdrey has, time and time again, strengthened the transport capabilities of businesses to maximise payload gains and improve vehicle operator safety,” adds Paul Vawdrey.

“We believe in supporting Australian production and manufacturing for a stronger future.

“Now is the time to ensure transport operators have reliable equipment that is serviced and repaired promptly to keep the deliveries moving. During these challenging times we can be relied upon to keep operators delivering the goods.”

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