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BTE PBS trailer solution always delivers the goods


Bulk Transport Equipment (BTE) was recently tasked with producing an A-double tipper combination operating under Performance-Based Standards (PBS) for grain transport business, Arrow Logistics.

Based in Toowoomba, Arrow Logistics was established in 2010 and operates throughout Queensland, NSW, Victoria and South Australia. The business was seeking to add a new trailer combination to the fleet that ticked the boxes of efficiency and durability.

Arrow Logistics Director, Ian Forster, says BTE was seen as the perfect option for the new build due to their proven expertise in constructing trailers that are durable and lightweight, along with its proximity to Arrow Logistics’ depot.

BTE produces a wide range of trailers and specialised equipment, catering to industries that include the bulk haulage, waste and services markets. The new A-double for Arrow Logistics was manufactured at BTE’s Toowoomba branch.

The A-double’s light tare weight, coupled with the tri-axle dolly means Arrow Logistics is able to achieve a payload capacity of around 56 tonnes, operating under PBS, for deliveries to the Port of Brisbane. West of the Great Dividing Range, it can achieve an even greater payload of over 60 tonnes.

“We needed to maximise our payload capacities to ensure the viability of the business. Payloads are increasing all the time and it’s necessary to keep up with the times in order to remain competitive,” says Forster.

He adds that BTE’s proximity to Arrow’s facilities, coupled with the manufacturer’s eagerness to take on the build, proved to be a winning combination.

“The pricing is very competitive and the quality of workmanship is at least as good as any comparable tippers we’ve seen,” he says.

No stranger to innovation, BTE also recently produced a brand new product called Smart Tip for Hercus Transport, which caters for the agricultural sector, transporting grain, fertiliser, lime and gypsum.

The Smart Tip B-double allows for the lead trailer to be unloaded without having to unhitch the rear trailer.

Hercus Transport Managing Director, Brett Hercus, says he and his drivers worked closely with BTE to develop the Smart Tip concept.

Both trailers in the combination feature manually operated side to side roll tarps. The lead unit is also fitted with a right-angle drive system that enables it to be operated from the front of the trailer due to space restrictions at the rear.

“We cart a lot of gypsum and lime for farmers so we can jack-knife the trailer around in the paddock and unload both trailers without the time and hassle of unhitching,” says Hercus.

Through its extensive engineering and manufacturing capabilities, that make use of the latest in trailer building technology, BTE works closely with its customers to deliver innovative trailer designs and quality workmanship.

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