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SAF-Holland: Delivering the best of both worlds

When reduced tare weights and streamlined maintenance are both at a premium, the SAF-Holland range of axles and suspensions certainly deliver. The brand has proven itself as an innovator, supplying industry-proven equipment for heavy-duty and Performance-Based Standards applications.

SAF-Holland’s axles and suspensions range covers two main product groups: INTRA and Modul. The INTRA range features a lightweight, fabricated trailing arm, rigidly connected or welded to the axle; while the Modul range has a Z-shape design, 100mm-wide spring (single or twin) attached to the axle with U-bolts.

Since 2018, SAF-Holland has also incorporated York axles and suspensions to its portfolio, providing adding choice and flexibility for its customers.

SAF-Holland Product Manager Asia-Pacific (APAC), Nemanja Miletic, says the INTRA range is the lightest disc brake option on the market. “It is also the preferred choice for anyone looking to reduce tare weight and increase efficiency,” he says. “With a six-year/one-million-kilometre warranty on major components (bearings, 3D bushes, shocks), the INTRA series is the best return in investment for every dollar spent.”

Constantly working to enhance its product range, SAF-Holland is continuously engaged in research and development, striving to develop products that are more efficient, more reliable and suitable for purpose-built applications.

“The most recent ‘iteration’ of the SAF INTRA range, such as SAF TRAK (the first hydraulically driven trailer axle) and SAF PC (SAF Premium Coating, featuring increased zinc-based anti-corrosion protection for the axle and a 10-year warranty against suspension corrosion) are now part of the standard offering and not just an exclusive article developed for specific customers,” adds Miletic. “The offer for the Australian market is now standardised on a heavier spec with INTRA Custom Design (INTRA CD) which provides a thicker axle beam with HD – 3D bushes. At the moment, we are finetuning some components in order to customise them for tailored applications.”

The SAF INTRADISC plus Integral premium axle also features a ten-spoke wheel-end design that is weight optimised. “The ten-spoke wheel-end design is topology optimisation of the hub that has been in service for decades,” says Miletic. “Using special computer software, the weight was reduced, providing increased strength. Technically, you take material from the place where you need it the least and then transfer it where you could benefit the most. The design was then realised, tested extensively and validated. It is now part of the standard offering with 120mm offset wheels (suitable wide/super-single tyres). This exercise proves SAF-Hollands’ motto that nothing is so good that couldn’t be better.”

With over 500 retailers and 30 authorised service centres across Australia and New Zealand, SAF-Holland provides solid technical support and aftersales service. “Our technical services and engineering team are ready to answer your calls and technical queries,” adds Miletic.

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