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Premium customer experience with Krueger Transport Equipment


Following a series of in-house upgrades and the launch of a new website, Krueger Transport Equipment is well positioned amid COVID-19 to deliver a premium customer experience. This industry-leading move in the digital realm will ensure fleets can continue to specify high productivity trailers complete with optimised route access and more.

Family-owned Australian business, Krueger Transport Equipment, is committed to increasing the profitability and productivity of Australia’s transport industry by providing dependable and innovative trailers nationwide.

As Krueger produces equipment for a range of applications, from industrial machinery cartage to general freight haulage, fleets can specify precisely what they need and rely on Krueger Transport Equipment to deliver.

In light of Stage 4 restrictions in Victoria, it is becoming increasingly challenging for transport and logistics operators to discuss their custom trailer builds. Since the early days of the COVID-19 outbreak, Krueger has been hard at work developing digital solutions and better in-house processes to tackle these challenges head-on. This commitment has led to the launch of a new website which showcases everything that Krueger has to offer.

Krueger’s investment in its digital services also extends to its warehousing, inventory and ordering capabilities. Ultimately, Krueger is finetuning its processes to ensure a seamless customer experience from initial consultation right through to delivery.

One of the most popular trailer types to roll out of Krueger’s facilities are its ultra-low profile, high payload and reliable skeletal trailers. Notably, the 40’ skel is considered by Krueger to be the most recognised ‘workhorse’ in the Australian trailer market, with thousands of these units in active service Australia-wide. For decades, the skel has been the hardworking foundation for many leading container freight operators.

All of these trailers are engineered to be an asset and retain the best resale value.

As the originator of the Super B-double – with the first Super B-double quad-axle combination officially launched by the Victorian Government at the Port of Melbourne in 1994 with a payload of 117 tonnes – Krueger continues to deliver the goods.

In addition to skels, Krueger has refined its ‘Kurtainers’ which come in a variety of options – 53’ straight builds that epitomise optimal load restraint, 36-pallet drop decks suited for productivity and OH&S, 36-pallet triple drop Performance-Based Standards (PBS) options with self-lifting gates and 48’ drop deck mezz deck configurations for fleet flexibility.

The load restraint that Krueger provides is the result of three-plus decades invested in the design and extensive testing and validation of curtain rollers, roof tracks, sliding side posts (a Krueger first) and curtain ratchet for superior tension.

The Slide-A-Gate, an award-winning innovation, was designed 13 years ago and there are more than 10,000 of them currently in active service, a testament to their functionality.

Meanwhile, the flat top and drop deck technology that Krueger brings to market ensures that operators can choose from extendable and heavy-duty variations and road train dollys.

Krueger’s new website offering also includes its national spare parts and Road Friendly Suspension (RFS) services. With more than four decades of knowledge and experience in trailer design and development, Krueger is poised to deliver built-for-purpose trailers with optimal suspension configurations.

The manufacturer has recently doubled down on its spare parts availability and RFS solutions that ensure optimal tare weight and improved equipment longevity for the trailers it builds and services.

Sourcing spare parts is now made simpler with Krueger. The list of available items include: air bags, axle parts, brake boosters, brake drums, brake fittings, chrome accessories, cleaning products, curtain ratchets, curtain straps and rollers, electrical cables, landing legs, LED lighting, load binder straps, mud flaps, shock absorbers, wheel bearings, signage, decals and more – all available online.

Given the popularity of high productivity trailer designs like the A-double, a key service offering that Krueger specialises in is PBS. Krueger’s in-house PBS team can consult with fleet operators online to discuss trailer specifications that enable lighter equipment for the tare weight advantages and/or ensuring truck-trailer combinations have access to the most efficient routes.

PBS also enables new opportunities with ‘interchangeability’ where operators can get the most value out of their road transport assets. With PBS optimisation, according to Krueger, the productivity gains are an additional bonus.

Ultimately, Krueger is at the forefront of modern trailer design, manufacturing its versatile Kurtainers, open decks, skeletal trailers, freezer vans, dry vans and other custom builds. These models stand out in the market for their engineering excellence, load restraint options and enhancements that optimise vehicle operator safety and promote higher productivity.

Krueger consolidates its strong value proposition with a state-of-the-art digital presence that will become increasingly vital for the industry in the months ahead.

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