Common sense prevails after driver fined for using restroom


A truckie who stopped in a small town to use a toilet in an area that sees many B-doubles pass through was shocked when he returned to his vehicle and saw he had been fined.

The driver was doing a run on Tasmania’s west coast last year and was in urgent need of a toilet. He used one in a short street in the town of Tullah.

But much to his chagrin he received a ticket for parking on a non B-double route.

“Farrell Street is short with a large area where a few trucks could park and couple with shops there as well.  Tullah has limited parking for large 26m doubles. This site has a hall and a toilet that is open 24 hours a day.  There are several B-doubles which run the west at night with fish food for fish farms,” a member of the Tasmanian Rest Area Group told Spy.

One TTA member and her partner found this site to be a good place, while researching all areas where a truck could get off the road and park, as part of the challenge to get better facilities for truck drivers.

“As there was already a good toilet there an approach to those in government has had this facility added to the HML B-double Network maps Tasmania. It was a ridiculous thing a driver desperately needing a toilet was pinged for using a 100m dead end street that has a turning circle at the hall and lots of room to turn without damaging the surface. Business welcomes the idea trucks are now allowed to use this site without being pinged. This is a good outcome for truck drivers,” my informant says.

Truckies have been advised by the TTA they are now allowed to use this toilet and shops nearby and not break the law.

Common sense has prevailed – good work by the TTA.

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