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Panus Semi-Trailers finds niche in tough market


Ron Gysberts has one clear message to the Australia transport industry – Panus Trailers Oceania is here for the long haul, offering some of the best trailer deals in the marketplace for the small and medium-sized operators.

While the pandemic has presented the toughest test yet for the Thailand-based manufacturer since setting up shop here in 2012, the general manager was in buoyant mood about the future.

“We still have stock and have new stock coming,” says Gysberts, who has been overseeing the Australian division since moving back to Victoria from Thailand 18 months ago.

“We’re trying to negotiate our way through like everyone and we want to pop out other side [of the pandemic] and be a long-term contributor to transport industry.

“We already have the runs on the board, and we have proven products that are heavily discounted at the moment.”

Gysberts says the Skels are an especially good buy at present, some 15% cheaper than they were pre-pandemic.

Factor in the good finance deals around at the moment and the extension of the $150,000 instant asset write-off scheme until the end of December, and Gysberts says there’s never been a better time to invest.

“We have stock that we need to move to make way for new stock that is coming, particularly skels that would suit standard and lightweight applications, A-doubles, that sort of thing.”

Gysberts adds that Panus is having its best year yet in and continues to gain a deeper foothold in the market, despite the obvious Covid-related challenges.

He believes a lot of that success is due to Panus focusing on what it does best, selling trailers to the eastern seaboard that require little to no customisation.

“We’re a good sausage factory where we can produce lot of product in a standard format and we can do that very well.

“We can do the minor customisation at the dealer level, or we’ve got number of engineering shops that can do that for us.”

“That’s been more successful for us because it’s allowed us to generate cash flow to run business.

“It comes back to the old 80/20 rule; 80% standard equipment and 20% is the niche-type builds. We had spent a lot of time in 20 percent area and learnt that is probably not the area we can afford to be in.

“So, now we’re trying to spend time maintain our maximum volume opportunities along the eastern seaboard with standard equipment, and that’s what we’re going focus on.

“We’ll build on that as our platform, then hopefully start to build more niche products.”

For more information on the products available, call 1300 467 268, or visit where you’ll also find details on the dealership locations in the NT, Queensland, NSW, Melbourne and Perth. Gysberts is also in the early stages of finalising a partnership with another WA dealer.

“We have more vacancies as well,” adds Gysberts. “We’re always on the lookout for some experienced dealers who want to put a shingle out the front and sell our product.”

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