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The benefits of Flow-Easy vibrators for tipper operators


Flow-Easy vibrators are designed to speed up the unloading of bulk products, providing an efficient, safe and controlled load discharge and alleviating the need for drivers to manually try and free the material.

The vibrators provide numerous productivity and safety gains that improve driver and truck safety, lower fuel and maintenance costs and reduce wear and tear on the truck and trailer.

For operators carting bulk products like fertiliser, manure, stock feed, grains and sands, material clinging onto the inside of a tipper and slowing down the unloading process is a common issue.

In many cases, the only way to get the load moving is by ‘shunting’ the vehicle or manually digging out compact product at the end of a shift – both risky and time consuming.

One of the biggest safety issues for tipper operators relates to the risk of truck roll over – and materials adhering to the tipper tray increase this risk. According to a safety alert released by VicRoads, the trailer’s centre of gravity moves upward when the tray is elevated. So, if any of the cargo becomes compacted in the tipper body, then the potential for the trailer to overturn increases. “All it requires is uneven ground conditions to tilt the trailer sideways and an overturning moment can be produced sufficient to roll the trailer,” Vic Roads warns.

Fitting a Flow-Easy vibrator minimises this tipping risk. Typically, a lower elevation can be achieved to dispense the load, while the vibration breaks down material compaction, effectively eliminating compact, residual build up – a costly and common issue.

As well as being a simple, cost effective alternative to body liners, a vibrator significantly reduces the risk of cross contamination, particularly where grains and fertiliser are being transported. Over time, body liners expand and overlap, creating pockets where fugitive material can become entrapped, increasing the potential for material contamination.

Flow-Easy vibrators are distributed by Melbourne based Enmin, an Australian market leader in the areas of materials handling systems and vibratory equipment. The vibrators were previously marketed under the Enmin brand but have recently been re-branded Flow-Easy.

“Our Industrial vibrator sales have risen significantly over the last few years becoming a key product in the Enmin range. Giving the vibrators their own individual brand name made sense from both a commercial and customer perspective,” says Anthony Gallaher, Enmin General Manager.

“The name Flow-Easy clearly and immediately communicates what the product does – loosening compacted bulk material and speeding up the unloading process,” he adds.

The Flow-Easy range includes 12 and 24 volt electric vibrators along with hydraulic and pneumatically powered options. Some transport applications require vibration to be applied for an extended amount of time, a scenario where the design characteristics of the hydraulic and pneumatic models come into their own. If required, they can be run continuously, rather than the more generally utilised intermittent operation of the electric models.

“The truck vibrators are easy to install and only require minimal modification to the trailer body, making them a simple, low-cost addition that provides a number of benefits. As companies update their truck and trailer fleet, the vibrators can be removed easily and quickly from existing trailers and installed on the new units,” says Gallaher.

“Quite simply if you’re involved in transporting bulk materials a Flow-Easy vibrator will ensure you spend less time unloading, and more time making money whilst minimising WHS risks.”

In addition to truck vibrators, Enmin also has an extensive range of industrial vibrators to suit any industry that handles bulk material. The range is specifically designed to suit Australia’s environment and covers a multitude of industries such as agriculture, mining, quarrying, recycling, ports and terminals.

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