NHVR releases free Covid-safe toolbox talk kit for operators

nhvr checklist for covid

A Covid-19 toolbox talk kit focused on vehicle, workplace and hand hygiene, wearing a face mask and mental health is part of the NHVR’s latest release of practical industry safety material.

NHVR CEO Sal Petroccitto said the toolbox talk kit, which included a series of quick guides, videos, checklists and templates, had been added to the NHVR’s Safety Management System suite, at the request of operators.

“Many heavy vehicle businesses are still located within or are required to operate in areas where Covid-19 cases have been reported,” said Petroccitto.

“All transport operators should continue to have safety conversations with their staff and drivers to reduce the risk of transmission within their workplace, when handling freight or interacting with other parties in the supply chain.

“Today’s release of the toolbox talk kit also aligns with National Safe Work Month, which is a great reminder for operators to continue having frequent and effective safety conversations.”

A recent NHVR Safety Survey showed that while 78 per cent of managers agree that there is an ongoing program of safety promotions and communication, while 52 per cent of drivers and 71 per cent of loaders agreed.

“Toolbox talks are one of the easiest and yet most effective ways to share important safety information and share responsibility for everyone’s safety,” he said.

“The NHVR’s material can be easily modified to include company information such as logos and additional topics that are specific to their business, such as how to report safety incidents and what to do if staff are sick or notice symptoms.”

The videos, templates, quick guides and checklists are available by clicking here.

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