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ADFUSE bonds beat the heat and go the distance


Adrad is constantly developing new and innovative manufacturing methods that deliver improved cooling performance for specialised applications. And its ADFUSE radiators are a prime example, boasting a superior strength industrial radiator design that is made to last.

Using welded bonds rather than soldered, ADFUSE bonds provide extra protection against extreme heat and stresses from thermal expansion, vibration and pressure. These stresses ordinarily cause soldered joints to fail over time, resulting in a reduced lifespan and unnecessary increased downtime.

ADFUSE uses sophisticated welding robot technology to individually fuse each tube to the header, producing a much stronger bond than soldering. Some radiator cores contain over 500 tubes with every tube welded at both ends. This means a single ADFUSE core can contain over 1000 individual welds.

For extreme precision, ADFUSE uses a computer-controlled robot that is able to perform welding with an accuracy of <0.1mm, while welding each tube in less than two seconds. In addition, ADFUSE uses solder backfill on each weld for added reinforcement. This allows the radiator to better withstand the demanding conditions in hard-working vehicles.

ADFUSE cores are available in 5/8” and Ultra-T configurations, providing maximum strength and durability in applications where high temperatures, stress and vibration occur.

Ultra-T is a heavy-duty radiator design featuring a close tube row pitch for a higher concentration of tubes. A greater number of tubes in the radiator core promotes greater cooling ability in applications that involve space restrictions. Ultra-T combines the strength and durability of ADFUSE, with high performance cooling capability and better heat dissipation.

ADFUSE’s tube-to-header joins also protect against high temperature and corrosion.

Paired with the durability of ADFUSE, these radiators boast an unbeatable combination of performance, durability and strength where demanding cooling is needed.

Ask your local radiator repairer about upgrading to an Adrad ADFUSE® radiator core.

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