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Natrad HDS: For cooling parts, repairs and advice


Natrad Heavy Duty Specialist Group (HDS) is one of Australia’s largest national networks of heavy-transport, industrial and automotive heat-exchange specialists. Natrad HDS is made up of leading cooling repair and service workshops across the country and its stores are staffed by highly experienced technicians with more than 350 years of combined industry experience.

The group is dedicated to servicing the cooling needs of on-highway and off-highway vehicles, earth-moving and mining applications, large-transport vehicle fleets, agricultural machinery and large-scale power generators. Natrad HDS is the ideal choice when you want advice and access to one of Australia’s largest ranges of quality cooling products.

The range of services available from Natrad HDS includes radiator flushing, re-cores, radiator repairs, fabrication work and specialist cooling advice.

Radiator flushing

Large heavy-duty radiators are expensive, so maintenance is vital. Removing blockages can be an alternative to replacing the core. Regular inspection and cleanouts are a practical way to maximise service life and ensure you get the most out of your radiator.


Many industrial radiators are designed to be dismantled and re-cored. Natrad HDS has access to thousands of core options to suit any application or environment, as well as the expertise to advise which particular specification will deliver optimal cooling for

Radiator repairs

Natrad HDS is a trusted Australian specialist when it comes to repairing radiators from a wide variety of vehicles and applications. Repairs are a cost-effective way to restore your cooling system and get your vehicle or equipment back to work quickly.

Fabrication work

If you are seeking the perfect-fit solution for your heavy-duty equipment, Natrad HDS technicians offer high-quality fabrication work and repairs if off-the-shelf parts are not readily available.

Specialist cooling advice

Natrad HDS workshops have the specialist knowledge and expertise to handle everything within the cooling system and are supported by one of Australia’s largest radiator manufacturers, Adrad. From radiators and intercoolers to oil coolers, air conditioning and more, if your cooling system needs fixing, Natrad HDS has the solution. For more information, contact the Natrad Heavy Duty Specialist Group (HDS) on 1800 437 723 or visit the website at

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