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Webasto keeps you cool with new rooftop a/c unit

Keeping it cool - Webasto

No matter what the weather conditions are outside of your vehicle, Webasto ensures you can control your cab temperature every step of the way.

Known throughout the world for its extensive range of sunroof systems and diesel fired air heaters, Webasto products are suitable for use in almost any application including trucks, caravans, motorhomes and marine vessels.

The brand has provided comfort solutions for the truck and bus market since 1965. In recent years, Webasto has increased its truck portfolio to include a wider range of high quality products that are perfect for the harsh Australian Summer.

Webasto’s existing truck market offerings include split air conditioning systems such as the Fresco 3000 and the Cool Split 20, both available in rear or rooftop mounted variants, providing perfect cab climate control. Also on offer for the truck market are Webasto’s isotherm compressor fridges ranging in size and style from a 16L drawer fridge/freezer up to a 49L upright refrigerator.

With an impressive product range that includes something for nearly every situation, Webasto’s cabin cooling solutions are designed to ensure a comfortable sleeper cab all year round no matter where you are, day or night.

This month Webasto introduces its all new Webasto Cool Top RTE 16, an effective, lightweight, 24-volt electric parking cooler. The powerful 1600-Watt rooftop air conditioning system is available with a wide choice of specific truck model mounting kits which allow easy installation via the vehicle’s roof hatch. The system is controlled using a digital display panel and/or a handy remote-control unit and offers automatic temperature control and individual temperature and fan speed adjustments.

Webasto’s Cool Top RTE 16 provides cooling without idling, saving fuel, engine wear and emissions. And with an adjustable low voltage cut-off, you can be assured that the engine will always start.

Pre-filled with refrigerant, the compressor driven system is connected to a 24 volt battery. Quality components combined with lightweight construction and a flat design provide a sleek, sophisticated look with the power and performance you expect from a Webasto product, effortlessly providing a refreshing temperature and comfortable environment in the truck cabin.

The new Cool Top RTE 16 is now available Australia-wide through Webasto’s authorised Truck Sales and Service Dealer Network. As with all Webasto products, it is covered by a two-year warranty.

For more information, please visit or call 1800 244 494.

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