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Trucks and motorbikes: When two passions unite


Rarely do you meet a man happier to combine his twin loves of motorbikes and trucks, as is the case for Launceston-based truckie and motorbike enthusiast Jack Rockliff.

When Big Rigs met Rockliff, he was driving a ‘Richardson’s Harley Davidson Motor Cycles’ 2017 Mitsubishi Fighter, and told us he had spent a busy day delivering new bikes across Southern Tasmania.

The Launceston-based driver had pulled up at the 24-Hour Bennett’s Caltex Mood Food at Kempton for a great hot cuppa and a couple of their now legendary donuts.

“I have been back here with Simon for a couple of years now, helping out and it is certainly a great job for me. I’ve had bikes all my life and still ride and love them, especially the classic stuff, and I was pleased to note that they are now Royal Enfield dealers into the bargain. I’d have to say that for me, this is the perfect job,” Rockliff said.

“I’ve been driving trucks etc. since I was able to reach the pedals, and never thought I would ever find a job that combined my love of road transport with motorcycles.”

He also observed that he isn’t into computers and the internet so it was really pleasing to see Big Rigs back on paper and in a familiar format.

We asked him how he spent his time off, and he said he enjoys restoring and working on anything built before the 1970s – Harleys or other makes, as long as they are vintage.

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