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Local truckie visits once thriving hub


Big Rigs recently caught up with truckie Bernie Triffett from Brighton, just north of Hobart. He had just driven in to fuel up his 1994 CHR Mack ‘Elite’ with a 427 V-Mack up front and was towing a tri-axle tautliner.

It was good to see someone using the once popular Bennett’s Caltex and Post Office at Bagdad. It indeed seems a long time ago since this was a thriving hub renowned for its good food and service and a favoured stop for drivers from some of those now long gone companies such as Frigmobile that we used to catch up with there.

However, it is still a favoured fueling point for some drivers, often local.

“I’m on the return leg from Devonport back to Brighton and then knock off for the day,” he said.

“As you can see, this is the family business, and it’s all good, you might say. I’ve been driving for them for 25 years or so and am keeping busy enough to keep me happy. The Mack is a great truck, a good faithful workhorse and doing the job to our satisfaction.”

We asked him about how he spent his time off, and he said he does a bit of firewood, and odds and ends, and is generally all happy.

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