New signs to assist with communication breakdown


Some drivers who travel regularly along the east coast of Tasmania which has numerous tight corners are concerned they have not been contactable on their UHF, reports our Spy on The Road.

When travelling along there it is important to exchange warnings with other road users that they are coming towards them, which makes it a genuine safety issue.

One section of the Tasman Highway between Triabunna and Bicheno has some extremely tight corners which ensure difficulty for two trucks which meet on them.

Log trucks and milk pick up trucks often meet in this section.

Spy is told the Department of State Growth has agreed to put signs at each end of a section between Moorina Golf Club at Derby town through what is known as the Weldborough Pass to Forest Lodge Road.

The channel to be used for this section will be 40.

If drivers adhere to this through that section they will be able to manage their meeting place on straight road preferably, rather than the tight corners. 

Signs should be in place within the next month and have been ordered by the department.

Both St Mary’s Pass and Elephant Pass have signs at the top and bottom requesting large vehicles with UHF to please advise their positions on channel 40.

It has been reported by several drivers that there should be signs at the Cherry Hill site

on the southern side of the Coles Bay turn off on the way to Swansea.

They feel the signs are required from approximately 1km before the Freycinet Winery for approximately an 8km section through to the start of the recently completed overtaking lane northbound.

This section has a sign warning motor cycles of wind and control problems for a 7km section. 

From my own experience when I was last in Tasmania, I found there was trouble with reception on  the Tasman Highway near Buckland which includes  “Bust Me Gall Hill”.

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