Third time’s a charm: No stopping this truck-themed wedding

Truck wedding

At this wedding, it wasn’t just the bride, groom and guests who scrubbed up beautifully, four Kenworths were also polished up to perfection to celebrate the special day.

Beau Bellerby and his new wife Kristy Bellerby tied the knot last month, on September 5, and as he explained it was third time lucky. “We originally had a big wedding planned, then we got pregnant. The second time, we planned to elope in Queensland in May this year, but COVID stopped that. Then the third time, we said this is happening and had the wedding at home. It turned out to be a really great day. Originally we were going to have about 100 people, but had to limit it to 20 because of the COVID restrictions,” he said.

Truck-wedding - Beau and Kristy with their kidsThe couple met at a wedding in 2016 and tied the knot at their farm in Balranald, NSW. It was an intimate affair, with the day shared with their son Mason, who is almost two, Beau’s son Wyatt (13) and daughter Peyton (11), and Kristy’s daughter Rahni (8), along with those closest to them.

The guest list also included two Kenworth 909s, a T900 Classic and a T900 Legend. And luckily for Beau, Kristy was happy to oblige. “She knew it was going to happen, so she was pretty good. There wasn’t much convincing because she knows I love my trucks,” said Beau, who has been a truckie since he was 19.

“I’ve always been around trucks in the family. My dad was a truck driver and it went from there. I’ve loved trucks from a young age. I don’t know why I love trucks, I just do. Mason loves the trucks too, he walks around and kicks the tyres.”

Truck-wedding-KristyBeau works for K&SL Nelson Transport, doing both local and interstate work. “The brown and white truck belongs to Brian and Dean from K&SL Nelson Transport and the others are owned by friends – the white 909 belongs to Daryle Barrett, the white and blue one is Matt Salau’s and the blue 900 belongs to Robbie Teague. They polished them up for the wedding and I was very appreciative of the hard work they put in and for letting us use their trucks for our wedding,” he said.

Kristy got ready at her mother’s house, before being picked up in one of the trucks. “She rode in the white T909. Our wedding guests didn’t know about the trucks until the day so it was a nice surprise and the rigs all looked amazing,” added Beau.

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