Outback Truckers talent call-out


Popular television show Outback Truckers is on the hunt for trucking talent for its upcoming season – and if you think you’ve got what it takes, they want to hear from you.

Production is now in full swing for season 9. Big Rigs spoke with the show’s Head of Production and Development Rikki Lea Bestall to find out what sort of talent Outback Truckers was after. She said the show was looking for truckies with big personalities and interesting stories. If you fit the bill and travel on difficult roads or transport challenging loads, you could be the next star of the show.

“The biggest thing for us is character. We’ve obviously been doing the show for a long time, so are looking for journeys that have interesting elements we haven’t seen before or locations we haven’t been to before, but the number one priority is that they are a personable, likeable character, who is happy to be on camera. The word is out there and we’re looking for people,” she said.

The production team put the call out on Facebook a few days ago, and has also begun putting notices up at roadhouses. Already, there’s been an overwhelming response from truckies wanting to be part of the next season, which is due to air in mid-late 2021.

Steve Grahame

Season 9 will be comprised of 13 episodes, with some of the filming already started. Bestall said COVID had certainly added an extra challenge to filming this time around. “Particularly during COVID times, we’ve been getting shoots done when we can. Things change every week at the moment based on the pandemic. We don’t shut down for very long between seasons and now we’re going full steam into production.

Outback Truckers has a very longstanding reputation. Every season we try and go bigger –  bigger loads, bigger characters. We try to up the ante.”

If you think you’ve got what it takes to be the next star of the show, email or send a DM on Outback Truckers Facebook page, telling them a bit about yourself and the type of loads and journeys you do.

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