Heavy vehicle compliance operation on Augusta Highway nets 228 defects

compliance check

Enforcement officials had a mixed report for truckies after the recent four-day Operation Crossroads compliance campaign on the Augusta Highway in South Australia.

NHVR Director Southern Region Paul Simionato said its primary focus was to monitor the safety and compliance of heavy vehicles travelling on the Augusta, the ‘crossroads’ of Australia.

“NHVR and SAPOL officers from metropolitan and country areas participated in the Operation which concentrated on driver fatigue and roadworthiness. These are both very significant safety risks for everyone using our roads,” he said.

“I want to acknowledge the good spirit and cooperation from drivers on the road. Most were happy to chat to us and were just as focused as we are on safety.

“We always try to take an education-first approach to try and fix up minor issues so drivers can continue on their way safely.”

Inspector Joanne Howard, Officer in Charge of South Australia Police’s Heavy Vehicle Enforcement Section acknowledged that there was room for improvement, however.

“There were a significant number of defect and expiation notices issued during this operation,” Inspector Howard said.

“The results reveal some companies have more work to do to ensure they maintain a roadworthy fleet. Equally, drivers are also responsible for ensuring they take breaks and maintain work diaries.

“Road safety is everyone’s responsibility and police will continue to work with the NHVR and other key partners to keep South Australian’s safe on our roads.”

Two days after the operation finished on October 12, police were at the scene of a truck roll-over on the Augusta at Port Wakefield. No serious injuries were reported but there was a large diesel spill and significant traffic disruption as a result.

Simionato said that it was important for operators and drivers alike to prioritise safety.

“It’s a timely reminder to take simple steps to make sure you and everyone else on the road can get home safely,” he said.

“That means always checking your vehicle for issues before you head off and making sure you’re taking your breaks and filling in your work diary.”

Results of the operation:
  • 228 defects issued
  • 295 expiations issued
  • 5 cease work notices
  • 2 arrests
  • 15 court reports

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