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Spreading the message of road safety


Fresh off being named the 2020 National Trucking Industry Woman of the Year in the National Trucking Awards, Roslyn Anderson has one clear message she wants to promote – the importance of safety out on our roads.

“In truck accidents, statistics show that in around 83% of cases, it’s not the truck driver’s fault, so it’s about raising awareness for motorists out there,” she said.

Anderson has held various roles within the transport industry, before getting into her current role as accountant at A-Civil Aust in mid 2020. Among these was her previous role as CFO at Wales Truck Repairs.

“I started my career in the transport industry doing clerical work, then did my studies and got into accounting. Once I got into the smash repair industry, I saw the tail end of it. I’ve seen what happens to trucks and truck drivers in a smash. Winning the recent award was amazing, but at the same time, it’s also a great opportunity to get my message out there. I’ve seen the consequences of crashes and think we need to really deal seriously with safety on our roads,” she said.

Truly passionate about the industry, Anderson has been around trucks all her life. “I’ve still got photos of me as a baby in the 1950s, with my father’s truck,” she said.

This isn’t the first time Anderson’s contribution to the industry has been formally recognised. Last year she was a finalist for the same award and in 2018 she won the Road Freight NSW Woman of the Year Award.

Adding to her full-time role as an accountant, Anderson became a board member of Women in Trucking Australia (WiTA) earlier this year.

WiTA was among over 20 organisations that were successful in their application for Commonwealth funding under the NHVR’s Heavy Vehicle Safety Initiative. WiTA will use this funding for its ‘Welcome to OUR World Road Safety Campaign’, a national road safety initiative that focuses on a female heavy vehicle driver’s perspective from behind the wheel, with a series of television advertisements being launched in coming months.

Anderson also dedicates her time to Convoy for Kids Sydney, where she serves as treasurer for the charity. Though the truck convoy usually takes place in November, the uncertainty of COVID-19 restrictions means it won’t be able to run on 1 November as planned. Instead, a variety of initiatives will take place online, including merchandise for sale, to help raise money for sick kids. Further details are available at


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