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Career change the right move for this truckie


After completing an apprenticeship as a welder/fabricator, the lure of the open road came calling. “The chance to take up driving presented itself, with the opportunity to get out on the open road and out of the big sheds, and it has proved to be the right move for me,” said Sam Lyne, adding he has no regrets.

Driving a 2014 600hp Volvo FH16 and towing a B-double on his way from Toll Shipping at Burnie back to Hobart, he stopped for a chat with Big Rigs.

It was great to catch up with one of our early local friends in the industry, almost 16 amazing years ago when we decided to become Tasmanians (and we have never looked back).

Lyne had just rolled into Caltex at Epping Forest from Colebrook for a quick break and cuppa.

After three years with Toll, he said he’s happy with both the job and the fact that they run good, clean gear, and he observed that happily they look after their crew and keep them busy.

Though he added, “I am missing driving my usual T409SAR which is in for service today, a beautiful truck, it was formerly a fuel tanker in Melbourne. I’ve been on the road now for altogether 17 years or so and have never regretted changing careers.”

We asked Lyne how he spent his time off. “Well I have a couple of acres, with all that involves, and I am about to start rebuilding a WB Holden Ute for my son, and I reckon that will keep me busy for a while,” he said.


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