Let’s give each other a hand up wherever we can

give each other a hand

I read this on LinkedIn, “Behind every woman is a circle of other women who have her back.” and it annoyed me so much, it makes it sound as though men don’t have our back.

It perpetuates the myth that women are not supported in the trucking industry and I find that many women in my circle of friends and acquaintances fully agree that we are supported by numerous males in the industry and outside of it.

Maybe it should read behind every woman/person is a circle of PEOPLE who have their back. I would never have been able to have the career or life I have had without multiple men and women supporting me, believing in me and giving me the opportunities that I have enjoyed.

Women want equality and I agree with that, but it won’t happen without the support of men. I believe that all people are equal regardless of gender, race, religion or colour.

The only “ist” I am is an equalist and I believe that everyone should be judged on merits and their achievements in the workplace / business world and what is in their hearts in ever other forum. Equal pay should happen when there is an equal workload, and this does not always happen, but it will eventually.

I applaud inclusion and diversity in the workplace and in life, I have actively supported initiatives that give women opportunities to join this amazing industry, transport and logistics.

These programmes had assisted women to gain employment in non-traditional roles and they have all been supported or partnered with male partners.

I have read with horror about the alleged racism against our Indian driving and I am appalled that such behaviour can happen in our industry, as if we didn’t have enough image problems and issues with how safety is perceived and we are adding to unsafe practices.

I know it is possibly a few stupid people, but it is reckless and dangerous. I have many friends in our ethnic communities and this is frightening to think that this is happening in an industry I love.

So, let’s start supporting each other as people, as Australians, as friends and future friends who may need support or who may give you support.

We have had enough issues in 2020 with fires, floods, COVID19 and isolation.

Let’s stop the divisive dialogue and disrespectful behaviour; join together to get back on our feet, get back to business or work and give each other a hand up wherever we can without judgement – human to human.

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