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Every day is different for Glen Bonner driving for United Petroleum

glen bonner

Stopping over at Mood Food, the 24-hour Bennett’s Caltex Truckstop and Roadhouse at Kempton the other day, with its great kitchen, hot meals and clean and convenient amenities for drivers, we were lucky to catch up with Glen Bonner from Exeter when he rolled in for a refreshment stop and a hot cuppa.

He was driving a United Petroleum’s 2018 Mack Trident with an MP8 535 up front, and towing a tri-axle fuel tanker at the time, and he was heading back to Bell Bay after doing deliveries.

“Just two stops in Hobart this time. I’ve been here for a year or so,” he told us.

“And I’d have to say, I am finding it a top job, and they are looking after me, and keeping me busy. I have been driving altogether for about 22 years now, and have never regretted taking it up for a profession, apart from the job satisfaction, you get to see a new landscape every day!”

We asked him about the new service station that catches everyone’s attention on the bypass outside the industrial area at Brighton, and he told us it will be a new United and Pie Face installation that is set to open in November.

Glen added: “They expect to need a load a day, but am not sure at whether it will be a dedicated truck friendly stop yet. It certainly has a commanding location and looks very impressive.”

“We are certainly busy just now, and with summer coming up and the borders opening I expect we will be even busier in the near future.”

Asked about time off, he told us that he and Kim have four young ones and that is a big commitment, but happily one he enjoys hugely. He also likes to get out on motorbikes, both dirt and road.

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