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Time for work and time for family

Sam Dunn

Completing his final delivery prior to returning to Hobart and knocking off for the day, Big Rigs caught up with Sam Dunn while he was passing through New Norfolk.

Driving a PDF 2010 Isuzu Euro 5 1400 refrigerated Long Rigid, Sam told us, “I have been here for three really good years now, and I have been driving for six years all up, and I am still loving it, even on a damp day like today.”

“I do deliveries all over the south from here at New Norfolk to Port Arthur, including Cygnet and Dover and I really enjoy doing the country runs. As for PDF, I find them a great outfit to work for, and they really look after us and keep us busy, they have done all through the COVID problems as well, so you can’t complain about that.

“I always wanted to drive for a living and it’s been all I wanted, no regrets at all.”

We asked him how he spent his time off and he said, “Well renovating a house, and spending time with Leonardo, who has just turned eight months old keeps me pretty busy.”

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