Daryl Dickenson Transport: We are ready for anything


No one running a business can truly believe they’ve got everything running perfectly, 100% of the time. Let’s be real.

But at Daryl Dickenson Transport, we’re always striving towards that goal. And we’re proud of our efforts in that respect.

With that in mind, we regularly look at ways we can improve what we do. Not just behind the wheel and on the road, but all the way up to management and myself. That lead us to NTI Traction.

This program gave our staff a voice and a platform to give honest and informative feedback about our business. From drivers and maintenance, to warehouse and logistical departments – everyone could have their input.

As a third-party neutral facilitator, NTI Traction surveyed everyone anonymously. We wanted the truth, for better or for worse. It wasn’t just any survey though.

They set it up to give our staff a period of time to adequately respond, and handy reminders to assist them through it. Those helping coordinate things from our end received updates on participation levels, to ensure everyone got a fair opportunity to be involved.

And then they delivered with a report on their findings. Following that, we received an onsite visit from an NTI specialist, who helped unpack the feedback from staff.

This expert gave us an opportunity to workshop a couple of areas of our business that could be refined and improved upon.

They facilitated a session where our staff from all levels – not just management – could come together to help solve any issues, which was helpful for everyone involved.

NTI Traction helped us improve our communications, whether management-to-management, all the way through to front-end staff doing the hard graft. We implemented new systems and processes from the very beginning of the program, on our NTI specialist’s recommendation and we continue to use them today.

We’re seeing some great improvements in the way staff deal with each other and their work.

Everybody feels like they’re being listened to, nobody’s left behind. We’re all accountable for the team. More so than ever.

We also discovered how environmentally conscious our staff were. We realised we needed to meet their ambitions in this regard, and we created some recycling initiatives immediately to address their concerns.

Not just in the day-to-day running of things, but when sourcing products from a cost perspective, we wanted to make better choices for the environment moving forward.

We would highly recommend NTI Traction to any business wanting to step up a gear, in whatever capacity they desire.

It’s a program that’s helping us grow and nurture our talented people.

We’re more together, more inclusive, and more a team. And we’re in a healthier position for growth than we’ve ever been.

Traction was the oil for our squeaky door. The added grease for our piston. The encouragement and words of wisdom we didn’t know we needed to provide for each other, but now we do.

You don’t know there’s a hazard around the corner, until you turn it. But with NTI Traction, for us, it feels like we’re more than ready for what’s ahead.

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