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Providing safe and efficient travel for motorists is something we take seriously at Transurban. We all have a role to play in achieving this, which is why this National Road Safety Week Transurban is partnering with representative bodies, including the Queensland Trucking Association (QTA), to raise awareness of truck blind spots.

Liz Waller, Transurban Road Safety Manager said while our roads are ideally positioned for the freight task, many motorists don’t know trucks have significant blind spots.

“Regardless of whether you’re following the road rules, when it comes to trucks the fact is if you’re in a blind spot they simply cannot see you.”

“We all have a responsibility to drive in a manner that will help prevent incidents. For motorists our message is simple – be seen by familiarising yourself with truck blind spots,” Waller said.

Gary Mahon, Chief Executive Officer QTA, said truck manufacturers are continually improving and reducing blind spots but truck drivers should also consider the fact that awareness of these blind spots by other motorists is low and drive accordingly.

“The facts speak for themselves – trucks have big blind spots and can take up to 40% longer to stop than cars. The National Road Safety Partnership Program reported that in 2017 heavy vehicles accounted for about 3.8% of all registered vehicles in Australia, but were involved in 13.7% of all fatal crashes.”

“While truck drivers were not at fault in 93% of these crashes, we need to do better to reduce these tragedies,” Mahon said.

Transurban roads and tunnels are up to 68% safer than equivalent roads – motorists can help make them even safer:

  • Be seen: get to know truck blind spots – immediately in front, directly behind, right beside the driver door, as well as a significant area on the passenger side.
  • Don’t sit in the blind spots or in the space between a trucks front and rear tyres.
  • Keep left unless overtaking.
  • Give trucks some extra space: leave a safe gap, trucks need more room to stop.
  • Regularly check your mirrors.

For truck drivers:

  • Regularly check your mirrors.
  • Leave space, in case you need to brake suddenly.
  • Don’t over occupy the right lane, allow motorists to overtake safely.
  • Indicate well in advance to give motorists notice of your movements and time to move out of the way.
  • Consider installation of blind spot sensors.


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