Updated border measures amid SA outbreak


With parts of SA now being labelled as COVID-19 hotspots, updated border measures are coming into play.

Entering WA from SA

From 6pm on Monday 16 November, WA issued further restrictions for anyone travelling into the state that has been in South Australia in the previous 14 days, unless they meet new exemption requirements, self-quarantine and undertake COVID-19 testing. “A person responsible for transport freight or logistics” is exempted.

A G2G Pass must be completed and issued prior to entering WA.

The QTA website provides info for freight operators entering WA from SA. To prevent entry issues when applying for the G2G Pass, it’s recommended that drivers state in writing that they are a “Transport Freight and Logistics driver operating under the conditions of the WA Transport, Freight and Logisitics Direction (No 2).”

Testing regimes for transport, freight and logistics drivers remain.

WA COVID-19 testing requirements are:

  • Take a COVID test within 48 hours of arrival in WA unless you have been tested in the five days prior to entering.
  • If remaining in WA for more than 7 days, a test needs to be undertaken on the 7th day since your last COVID test. Seven day testing regime remains until you depart WA.

Anyone arriving into Perth Airport via air from SA will be tested on arrival, or within 24 hours at another COVID clinic. They will be given a direction to self-quarantine for 14 days in a suitable premises. They will again be tested on day 11.

Entering Victoria from SA

With Victoria today recording its 19th day straight with no new COVID-19 cases, Victorian Health Minister Martin Foley has announced that truck drivers entering Victoria from SA will be asked to undergo COVID testing from Thursday. However testing is not mandatory and Victoria’s borders remain open.

A testing site will be set up for truck drivers crossing the SA/Vic border at Nhill on the Western Highway, with more locations set to open up along other major interstate routes.

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