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Brake checking motorist takes on Volvo FH16 Globetrotter with 60t load

brake checking

SA truckie Rhys Parasiers can only assume this fool thought that he’d been cut off – and this was his idea of payback.

He can’t think of any other explanation for this idiotic behaviour captured on his dashcam this week.

“So, he went slow all the way to the next set of traffic lights then proceeded to give me the finger,” said Parasiers, who had just pulled out from a yard in Dry Creek behind the wheel of his Volvo FH16 700 Globetrotter hauling a 3.5m wide, 60t load.

“He must of thought I cut him off but I can’t remember seeing him when I pulled out.

“From the moment the idiot come around me I knew something would happen so I slowed up. Never had someone brake check me before but I do oversized loads all the time so I’m used to people being impatient.”

Parasiers hasn’t taken the footage to police, but wanted to share with the Facebook group Truck Dash-Cam Australia and Big Rigs so the public can see the kind of behaviour that truckies have to deal with on a daily basis.

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