Auswide Transport Solutions has prohibition notice repealed

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The National Heavy Vehicle Regulator (NHVR) has repealed the prohibition notice issued to Melbourne-based Punjab Roadtrains Pty Ltd, trading as Auswide Transport Solutions, and associated company Southern Cross Freight Lines Pty Ltd.

NHVR Executive Director Statutory Compliance Ray Hassall said that Punjab had entered into an undertaking with the regulator after providing evidence of improvements to practices.

“The undertaking includes regular milestones that Punjab has committed to meeting to provide evidence of its compliance with the regulator’s requirements,” said Hassall.

An Auswide Transport Solutions spokesperson said the actions by the NHVR caused great economic harm to the business.

“We are currently receiving legal advice as to whether the issuing of the prohibition notice was an improper or unreasonable exercise of the NHVR’s power,” said the spokesperson.

“Due to this, Auswide Transport Solutions is unable to make further comment about the details at this time.”

In a written statement, however, Auswide Transport Solutions said the surprise notice issued on November 16 had caused a great deal of disruption to its clients.

“For this we are deeply sorry. Our business challenged the prohibition notice and during negotiations about that challenge the NHVR decided to revoke the notice upon Auswide making certain undertakings.

“No enforcement action has been taken by the NHVR against our business as part of this prohibition notice and both parties have agreed to work together into the future.”

Auswide Transport Solutions said it still retains all its accreditations with the NHVR and takes safety and fatigue management very seriously.

“Our business has invested heavily on reducing driver fatigue by installing across all its fleet the latest “seeing eyes” technology that monitors driver fatigue and monitors driving pattern.

“We are one of the few companies in the transport industry to install this latest technology in our trucks to mitigate driver error and fatigue related incidents.”

The company also wanted to stress that it is in no way related to Melbourne-based Auswide Linehaul Services, which also received a prohibition notice from the NHVR a few days earlier.

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