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Owning the dream for this owner operator


Haydn Bean had just rolled in driving his always immaculate Bean Family Transport 2002 T-404 S Kenworth with a Series 60 up front and towing a Fresh Freight fridge pan, when he stopped to chat with Big Rigs.

He was on his return leg from Bridgewater to catch the SeaRoad ferry at Devonport at the time, and told us, “Well I have been driving trucks for about 27 years all up, and have happily been an owner driver for the last eight of them.

“We mainly cart hay for farmers, and this is kind of our fill in job, and it works nicely, in fact you couldn’t ask for anyone better to tow for, and it is all going well just now so I am basically happy all round. And as for the truck, it’s running beautifully just now, and I’d like to say thanks to Brad Moore in Launceston, as he is just one magic mechanic when it comes to looking after us.”

We asked him about how he spent his time off, and Bean said, “Well we own the well-known Comstock Farm at Deloraine (though not the house!), and that keeps us pretty busy. It looks like being a fantastic year too with all the recent rain.”


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