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Tassie the perfect sea-change for this truckie


It is always a pleasure to catch up with those indefatigable drivers from RBA Linehaul, and so it was when Adam Johnston from Ulverstone pulled up.

Driving an RBA 2008 K-108 with a 600 ISX Cummins up front, he had just picked up a fridge pan full of choice Tasmanian apples, and was about to return to Devonport to put the pan on board the Spirit of Tasmania to Melbourne.

“I’ve been here for 12 months now, and I can only say it’s a great job with a top boss, who really knows the job and all that’s concerned, and a great friendly crew of blokes to work with as well,” he told us.

“I have been driving all up for a couple of years now and spent six months or so driving drill rigs and floats in Western Australia previously, but I’d have to say I really love and prefer driving in Tasmania.”

We asked him how he spent his time off, and he replied, “I really enjoy camping and four-wheel driving and dirt bikes and outdoor stuff whenever I get the chance.”

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