Five great webinars to watch


If there’s one thing that the COVID-19 pandemic has shown us, it’s that the online realm can help keep us together, keep us informed and keep us in the know. With many having to navigate through lockdowns, quarantine and having to do things very differently to what they were once used to, webinars have become an excellent source of knowledge and training. Here, we list some great webinars for truckies and transport operators to put on their radar.

Fatigue Choices: Fatigue Flexibility – made easy

During National Road Safety Week, the National Heavy Vehicle Regulator (NHVR) ran a fatigue safety campaign, which included two webinars centred around fatigue. The ‘Fatigue Choices’ webinar is designed for transport operators and owner drivers and was livestreamed on 17 November. It discusses how easy it is to work with the NHVR to access flexible fatigue arrangements. A second webinar called ‘What’s next in fatigue management?’ was also held as part of the fatigue campaign, aimed at safety professionals, safety consultants and transport operators.

TMC Online

A free transport industry event, TMC (Technical and Maintenance Conference) went virtual this year. It was held in an online conference format on 23-24 November – but if you missed the live session, not to worry, all content will be available on the platform to those who registered for seven days, so be quick! The event included workshop ‘how to’ tutorials and demonstrations, industry updates and presentations, a celebration of industry excellence with the Castrol Vecton Awards and more.

Settling the Mind: Mental Health and Coronavirus Webinar Series

COVID-19 has undoubtedly impacted on our way of life – some have felt the effects more than others. In this webinar series by the Black Dog Institute, which includes five informative sessions, experts share mental health evidence and insights related to COVID-19. These webinars also highlight the resources and support available to those who need them. Topics covered include managing anxiety, checking in with your mental health, and how to help if you’re worried about someone else’s mental health.

Changes to Owner Driver Laws in Victoria: An Update

With changes to the law covering owner drivers in Victoria in place from May 2020, this NatRoad webinar discusses what Victorian owner drivers need to know. Alkan Munur from the Victorian Wage Inspectorate explains rights and responsibilities of owner drivers, hirers and freight brokers under the new rules; and how to make sure all involved are meeting the requirements.

Framework and Tools for Road Freight Access Decisions

With heavy vehicle access approval conditions differing between states and local governments, Austroads commissioned a review of the heavy vehicle road access tools used in jurisdictions across Australia and New Zealand. This review, coupled with a gap analysis, decision making framework and resource repository were proposed to assist heavy vehicle operators and road asset owners make clear and consistent road access and compliance assessment decisions. In this webinar, we hear some of the key findings and recommendations of the review.

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