Truckies left parched by contaminated water at rest areas


Most drivers Spy speaks to feel there is an overall shortage of rest areas around Oz, especially ones with facilities for truckies.

This includes toilets, shaded sections with seats and tables, parking space and water taps.

However, at some locations where all the boxes are ticked you have to be sure not to drink water which is not fit for human consumption.

Over the past few years and mostly before the Coronavirus Pandemic, Spy came across such water at rest areas in Queensland, NSW, Victoria and Tasmania.

Often there are warning signs advising that the water could be considered contaminated and is only good for washing hands.

But despite this, reports still filter to Spy that some ignore the warning or fail to see the signs and have a drink.

I recall one huge rest area beside the Hume Highway in NSW used by hundreds of motorists daily including a lot of truckies.

Tourists were seen there filling up water bottles until told my others about the dangers of having a mouthful.

There is also such a rest area beside the Flinders Highway in Queensland at the tiny centre of Maxwelton.

The rest area is 550km from coastal Townsville and another 250km west to Mount Isa.

It is a combined motorist and heavy vehicle rest area where trucks, motorists, and caravans can stop and take a break.

There is shade courtesy of picnic tables which are under cover and there is quite a lot of room here.

The maximum time limit for staying is 20 hours and a sign does advise the water is only fit for washing hands.

The amenities are cleaned regularly by council workers and some trucks stop there overnight.

So if you are thirsty and don’t carry water with you, check the signs.

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