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40 years behind the wheel, and counting

Roger Neal

We first saw this impressive Norton Transport 500hp Scania as the demo pulling a B-double. Roger Neal is the man driving it and Big Rigs caught up with him as he pulled out of a truck stop on his return to Burnie from Hobart.

Towing a B-double loaded with general freight, he said “I’m officially only a casual driver here but at the moment we are so busy just now that it seems to be pretty well full time.

“I have been with Norton’s now for four good months. They are certainly a top outfit and really look after us, and run good, well maintained gear, I mean, look at this Scania.

“I reckon I’ve been on the road for about 40 years now, and 25 of those years was spent driving fuel tankers, and basically, I have no regrets, it’s been a good life, still is.

“When I do get a bit of time off, I enjoy looking around and caravanning and fishing and generally taking it easy.”

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