Truckies should be front of line for Covid vaccine: logistics boss

The Australian Logistics Council (ALC) supports calls from Ports Australia and the Australian Airports Association that all supply chain workers must be prioritised to receive the COVID-19 vaccine given their role in supporting one of Australia’s largest essential industries.

“Australian supply chain workers have done an amazing job in limiting the spread of the disease. Prioritising vaccine delivery will help ensure the natural vector of the supply chain remains disease free,” said Kirk Coningham, CEO of the ALC.

“Australians consumers have not forgotten the shock of empty supermarkets shelves and the panic buying that disrupted most of 2020.

“Australian supply chain workers are among the unsung COVID heroes during 2020. They play a critical role in supporting our communities and prioritising their safety to ensure they can continue to deliver is a must once the vaccine is available.”

Ports Australia’s CEO, Mike Gallacher further supports why supply chain workers need to be prioritised saying: “Working on the front line – whether it be on a port, airport, ship, truck or train – means you’re coming into contact with high volumes of people and essential freight. Prioritising the health of supply chain workers helps prioritise the security of the supply chain and safety of Australian communities.”

The ALC said it supports calls for the Government to consult with industry to ensure that a fair and considered approach to roll out the vaccine nationwide for the Australian supply chain industry is implemented.

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