The importance of Driver Reviver sites this holiday season

The Driver Reviver sites operating at rest areas around Australia over the holiday period play an important role in fatigue management and road safety, but it seems not all are welcoming truckies with open arms.

Volunteers at these sites do a magnificent job, on hand to offer motorists a free cuppa and a biscuit. Our hope is that all truckies are welcome too.

In the past, I’ve had reports from some drivers who’ve been told some of these important sites are for car and caravans – not trucks.

A list of the NSW Driver Reviver sites at a busy rest area.

Of course there are many rest areas hosting driver revivers where there is not enough parking space for heavy vehicles. However Spy has seen lots of trucks parked across the highway from the driver revivers in numerous states.

Light trucks mostly can fit in the majority of driver reviver rest areas. You will often see the light rigs pull up for a break.

The Driver Reviver Program is a community initiative, set up to address fatigue related road trauma.

We all have a stake in road safety, including truckies who keep Australia supplied.

So a message to all driver reviver volunteers: Give any truckie who lobs up a welcoming smile – and a drink and a snack. Remember, it is the Christmas season after all, and it may just help save a life.

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