Road speed signs repeatedly vandalised


New speed signs on Kenilworth-Skyring Creek Road in Queensland need to be replaced for a third time in as many months, after they were vandalised yet again.

Transport and Main Roads Regional Director for Southern Queensland Kym Murphy has urged the vandals to stop, adding that money spent fixing the signs could be better spent on fixing roads.

The 80km/h signs on this stretch of road were installed in September 2020 and have been sprayed with graffiti three times.

“Intentional damage to any road sign is senseless and a waste of public funds,” Murphy said.

“Vandalising speed signs also creates a dangerous environment for motorists, including holiday drivers unfamiliar with our local roads and speed limits.

“Replacing road signs diverts essential resources that would be better spent on repairing roads and delivering projects that benefit the community.”

She added that damages could be sought from anyone caught vandalising road signs and that anyone with information on road sign graffiti should report it to the Queensland Police.

TMR inspectors will monitor the signs along this road for further damage and replace them over coming months.

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