Stay safe on our roads this Christmas: ATA


As we edge closer to the peak of the holiday period, the Australian Trucking Association (ATA) urges road users to be cautious and considerate as traffic increases.

“December and January will see increased numbers hitting the road to visit family and friends. At the same time, our truck drivers will be out on the roads meeting the extra demands for Christmas and the holiday period,” said ATA Safety Health and Wellbeing Director Melissa Weller.

“We must all remember that truck drivers have a job to do and the road is their workplace. They are stocking our shelves and delivering our fuel and all the other things we want to buy and give over Christmas and New Year.

“We need to think of every truck driver on the road as one of Santa’s helpers,” she said.

Weller offered some simple advice for sharing the road safely with trucks.

“Trucks are big and take a long time to stop so you mustn’t cut in front of them. They also have big blind spots so it’s important to be mindful and give them lots of space, especially when they are turning – don’t overtake them,” she said.

Weller added that instead of feeling impatient or setting destination deadlines that cause stress on the road, road users should slow down and consider the journey as part of the holiday.

“Stop, rest and buy a coffee in a country town, explore a new park on the way and be well rested and alert,” Weller said.

“Remember every truck driver also has a family waiting for them to arrive safely too. Please offer understanding and consideration of the tough job our drivers do every day.

“It’s a simple message: share the road safely,” she said.


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