Free health assessments for truckies in Queensland

health assessments

Any truckies who find themselves in the Warwick region of Queensland today are invited to swing by Frasers Livestock depot for a free health assessment, normally worth $165 per person.

The tests are the first in a series organised as part of the Queensland Trucking Association’s Driving Better Health program funded by the NHVR’s Heavy Vehicle Safety Initiative.

QTA CEO Gary Mahon said the project is taking the health assessments to the driver through the Heart of Australia trucks, making it more accessible for operators to take part in the health assessments.

“The Driving Better Health project aims at increasing health awareness for heavy vehicle drivers by providing the direct benefit of a comprehensive health and wellness assessment; including heart, diabetes, mental health and other lifestyle indicators,” said Mahon.

“Kicking off at the annual Frasers Livestock Transport ‘Yarn at the Yard’ on the 18th December in Warwick is a great way to launch the project and we encourage all local heavy vehicle operators to sign up for an assessment.

“In 2021, we will be on the road delivering these free health assessments that normally cost $165 per person, fully funded by the NHVR’s Heavy Vehicle Safety Initiative, supported by the Federal Government.

“We will be offering more health assessments in key locations in Queensland as well as Sydney and Melbourne in 2021.”

NHVR CEO Sal Petroccitto said the funding was part of $5.5 million in safety grants being distributed across the country in 2020-21 to improve heavy vehicle safety.

“We know there is a correlation between an increased risk of vehicle incidents and driver health and wellbeing.  Heavy vehicle safety is everyone’s responsibility and through local safety programs and the efforts of organisations like the QTA we can make our roads safer for all road users,” Petroccitto said.

Assistant Minister for Road Safety and Freight Transport Scott Buchholz joined Petroccitto and Mahon,  as well as other key project stakeholders, at this morning’s launch at Frasers.

Heavy vehicle drivers from any industry sector who will be in the Warwick area today can book directly between 1:00-4:00pm using the QR Code:

health and wellbeing for truck drivers

For more information, or to register for an assessment visit

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